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About Us

Ideas Unplugged

Step in to Increation and lose your way in the enchanting world of original ideas. You have a message to tell the world and we know how to tell it and where to tell it. You need to give us only a snapshot and then leave the rest to Team Increation – to plan, conceive and execute the branding and present your message to the world.
You will be ready for the big launch.


  • Respect
  • Responsible
  • Relevant

Team Increation

The magic is in how these many minds, brimming up with original ideas, come together and think as one. This is how Increation Magic works.
We think different, but dream alike.

We do, They say

Increation has been handling clients from across the world, delivering products over a wide spectrum – from corporate films to TVCs to animation content to audios.
Increation has triggered smiles all over the world and they all return to Increation.

Increation is our trusted partner for quite some time now for all the creative support we need for visualizing our projects.

Amit Pasi, Director

Allianz Cornhill, India
Increation provided Anand Kardiac Centre and Multi-Specialty Hospital the right launch for its branding campaign. The corporate film made by Increation has redefined the visibility of the Hospital in media and online circles.

Dr. Anand R, CEO

Anand Kardiac Centre and Multi-Specialty Hospital, Vellore
The preproduction skills, especially the content management and visualising talent, Increation is outstanding.

Erwin Argh, Animation Director

Red Rocket Animation, Jakarta
Increation could uphold the best in our values and ethos through the fully-animated edutainment programme Thulli. When it was selected as the best programme for children at the State Awards, it was a recognition for the team of animators and visualisers at Increation, who strive constantly to raise the bar of quality.

Sajid M., Deputy CEO

MediaOne TV, Kozhikode
Trust Increation to match your wavelength in creative partnership, always.

Dev Issaro, Artistic Director

Daksha Sheth Dance Company, India
Increation is the place where I would look to when I need talents in creative visual industry.

Mark Samlal, Group CEO

VicPlas International Ltd., Singapore
Those at Kuwait, even the elite international crowd that gathered there, were impressed by the scale and manner in which Increation coordinated the programme of Asima – the music ensemble. On behalf of Arpan, I have to thank Increation for making this possible.

Suresh Priyadarshan

Managing Trustee, Arpan, Kuwait
Being part of the first-ever full-length animation film (Manikantan) in South Indian languages was an amazing experience. We had a wonderful team at Increation, which was creative and brimming up with ideas.

Nalin Singh, Managing Director

India Tales Media Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
At Increation, hard work and inspired imagination dovetail to create magic at visual production.

Dr. Mini, Managing Director

PVS Memorial Hospital, Kochi
Increation has been involved with prestigious projects of Malayala Manorama E-learning Series on Personality Development. A full team of Increation generated the entire content for this after extensive research and through many hours of hardwork. No wonder, this is one of the most popular product from our shelf.

Dr. Sivaram Srikandath

Head – Diversification, Malayala Manorama, Kottayam
Increation was a great support for us to set up Athmeeya Yatra TV right from the scratch till we started airing it. But for Increation’s support, we would not have been able to go on air on the scheduled date and time. Our blessings will always remain with Increation and the team.

K.P. Yohannan

Reverend Bishop, Gospel for Asia
I have found that Increation is unique, simply because of its intense desire to be unique. This is a driving force in the personal and corporate values of Reji Syne and his team, and reflects strongly in everything they have done to this day and are planning to do in the near future. In a world where content is king, such a strong differentiator will surely help Increation stand apart from the crowd.

Sachin V. Gopalan, CEO – Q TV, Swara Channel

Serial entrepreneur and convergent media industry expert, Indonesia
I am impressed by the enterprising spirit of the team at Increation and their commitment to the public cause. Their film The Last Tree captured the best aspects of community-oriented filmmaking. That film, one among the 15 entries among the entries from all the Commonwealth countries, is the testimony for their commitment towards environment.

Alice Kawoya, Project director

Commonwealth Day & Commonwealth Vision Awards, London
We are indebted to Increation for supporting our venture to create songs for children by providing the perfect blend of visual and animation contents to go with our songs.

Steve Piperno & Katie Burtnick

Singers, Songwriters and Musicians, New Jersey
It is not just the high standards of professionalism, but the free spirit of innovation and ability to ideate and come up with out-of-the-box concepts that makes Increation my first choice for multi-media solutions.

Sudhakar Jayaram, Country Head & Group CEO

Bright Life Network of Hospitals, Mumbai
Increation has got the technical expertise to match the demands of the present day’s film industry and this account for their success.

G.S. Vijayan, Filmmaker, Kerala

Chairman, Malayalam Cine Technicians Association (MACTA)
Increation has always been my preferred choice for content generation and creative support in my official assignments at Amrita TV. I have found works from Increation several notches above the regular television contents we find – be it in originality of concept or uniqueness of treatment. Increation has been associated with Amrita TV right from its inception.

Shyamaprasad, Award-winning Filmmaker, India

President (Programmes), AmritaTV
It was a great experience working for Manikantan, the animation film based on legend of Swami Ayyappan. It was the first time I have worked in an animation film and Increation did a good job here.


National Award winning actor, India
Increation is treating filmmaking as a medium that is extremely influential and a powerful tool for disseminating information. The films produced by Increation, especially films like Me, are motivational and inspiring for the challenged community all over the world. We look forward to more such works from them.

Kelly Griffin, Project Development Coordinator

Diversity Works Trust, New Zealand
The effort Increation and Reji put in for the production of Manikantan was really moving and inspiring. That gave me the energy to compose music for Manikantan.


Renowned Music Composer, India