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Increation Media

Digital Marketing Services in India – All in one Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services:
IN times when marketing efforts have gone for a complete paradigm shift, Increation media aims at providing the best and comprehensive digital marketing assistance to business concerns in Trivandrum and India across, hassle free and tension free.

Digital marketing campaigns are provided with firm account of the return on the investment put to the online marketing efforts.

We own the talents and expertise through proper learning and experience to deliver the best possible results through our Services in Trivandrum as well as across India.

We provide a total package to a brand’s online marketing needs as we involve in all social media platforms like Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn in addition to playing in the vast ocean of possibilities that Google alone offers, which essentially is Google Adwords and the PPC campaigns.

The most apt strategy for your business to grow to the subsequent stage.

Our senior team of digital marketing talents designs propose the best online strategy that best suites the business vision of your company.

The strategy is then planned meticulously to establish your unchallengeable position in the web world.

This would be by maintaining the brand identity, image & mood in mind. The latest techniques in digital marketing space is embraced by us like growth hacking and growth driven design. Once the work plan is set we have the best team of ready designers, content creators and experts on SEO to execute it on the ground.


On a broad outlook, the usage Digital Marketing encompasses all of the means used by a business to generate its consumers online.

Thus it is actually a rich assortment of content creation, Search Engine Optimisation, social media interventions and online advertising.

Even when the possibilities of the digital space for marketing is increasing exponentially as each day pass, companies are mostly clueless as to what it is actually or where to start getting in. It is no defect as each business has its own field to excel in and getting to know the digital intimately may not be their turf – That is where we come in!!!

As the digital space is so full of opportunities, so it is flooded with competition.

Beating around the bush won’t help you in getting a position in the web world – it is focussed, continuous and learned efforts that would get you somewhere in the digital marketplace. You or your digital marketing team should know the ins and outs of the internet world to boost your business and its growth online.


Maybe a decade before, it was quite unimaginable that a day would come when the world would be spending the maximum of its time on the internet. But now the revolution has engulfed us so much that even to imagine of such a past is impossible.

The use of social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. to establish your brand and to reach out to your potential customers is what is meant by social media marketing.

Social Medias like Facebook have built-in data analytics tools like Google search engine. Thus tracking the progress and engagement of the campaigns we run.

Today businessmen running both small and big enterprises are running wildly after the social media to get to their customers, promote their product, build brands and expand their market.

Comments and product reviews are the best tools that can get your brand to places, as user- generated content have more value.


When it comes to SEO, we are talking basically about the various search engines of the web and getting the website of your concern to be featured in those engines.

The optimization (SEO) is to improve the position of your website when a keyword related to the services you do is searched in the leading engines like Google.

The prime aim of carrying out this optimisation is to enhance the amount and convertible traffic to come to your web site.

Most of the web users, out of Facebook and Instagram spend the maximum time in the links provided by search engines. They locate a product, service or information by searching the related generic words (called keywords). Thus for a running business, it makes absolute sense to optimize your website.

Chances are that if your business website do not appear in the top 10 search results of a search engine, your potential clients are driven to a different enterprise.


Google has spread its clout so much in the digital space today that search optimisation by default means optimising your website’s ranking in Google search engine. Every search engine works on algorithms by which they determine the value of the services that the website provides with respect to different search words and so on which layman type in the search box.

The algorithms are constantly fine-tuned. It is not exaggeration to tell that no information or webpage today can escape the fateful crawl of Google’s spider. The algorithm of Google search engine is updated and fine-tuned almost on a daily basis. Our experts will be completely updated with each changes and more over understand the concept
behind a new update.

The job of optimisation professionals is to get at par with each refinement to maintain or improve a site's ranking.

Thus a correct SEO effort would be a collaboration of the efforts of an artist, a content creator and the programmer.

The team should be completely aware of how to place elements in layout, the content writer disallow plagiarism and make the content keyword rich and the programmers on how to minimize code so that the engine bots get the content with least parsing.

Adwords analysis and report. Always up-to-date with the latest Google algorithm and page ranking rules.

Search Engine Marketing
We assure you the best targeted and cost-effective form of online promotion services by choosing your expenditure cleverly. Where to put money – how much for search engine marketing.

The latest search technologies will be used by our SEO experts based on the clients’ requirements with a reliable strategy. A perfect SEO strategy would drive your targeted potential customers to your website and thereby making business. This s what we promise to do.


Internet is no question of desktop or long hours of dial up connections. Today everything digital is everything smartphone.

It is portable showcasing that is inevitable today – contents and materials that can be seen comfortably in a mobile screen. We are ace in moulding unique and communicative mobile experiences capturing consumer attention.

Whatsapp and Facebook mobile content – content tailored for mobile app version of social media platforms.

Web Analytics
The most important and hence mostly overlooked are is to follow the initiatives of your competitor, their promotion strategies and results. It is focussed, regular and continuous analysis of Google analytics and other reports that help us to do this effectively.

Content Management & Website optimisation

Uniqueness and relevance are the two grooves that take our content creation forward. We enrich your content such that it showcase the right message and tone to the right kind of people. All of this content would completely comply with the search engine rules.

Our Strategy – position us the best Digital Marketing Agency in Trivandrum
Customer retention and new conversions through complete revamp of your marketing strategies is what we aim.

Moreover our team in the digital marketing love what they do. Passionate as they are, they feel the pulse of the throbbing and organic platforms of social media. They create interactive conversations for your business.

Collaboration is our ethics and helping small and medium size businesses in India achieve a place in the digital world is our promise.

The current base of our existing clientele’ reflect the dynamics and depth of understanding of our team in various platforms thus providing best results.